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Welcome, here you will find truly unique books and materials, each one lovingly created by a teacher of 34 years, who has first-hand knowledge of students’ educational needs. Children’s Literacy Publications has been serving schools with unique teaching materials since 2001.


Article: Books in the Home Are Strongly Linked to Academic Achievement

Article: Books in the home as important as parents’ education level

Article: Home libraries provide huge educational advantage



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Information for teachers and parents
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Reading Information
Reading with Infants/Toddlers
Reading with Older Children
Testing Help
Words Children Need to Know
Overcoming 5 Obstacles to Reading Comprehension
Reading Readiness
The Importance of Listening Vocabulary to Successful Reading
Vocabulary Information
4 Broad Research-Based Practices for Building Vocabulary
Characteristics of Tier 1, Tier II, Tier III Words
Using Word Walls to Build and Review Vocabulary
The Magic of Continuums to Develop and Review Vocabulary
Why You Should Build a Child's Listening Vocabulary
Boy with surprised look on his face
I think we have a problem! This is what one of my 3rd graders saw when he read that sentence. Our students need a large vocabulary, so they "see" what the author intended.
Our Books About Our Books
Illustrated Dictionary Cover The Illustrated Dictionary of Everyday Things
Grades 2 - 5 - Hard Copy
Word Analysis Unlocking the Meaning of Words
Grades 2 - 4
Family Learning Time Book

English & Spanish Language
Ages 3 - 7

Parts of Everyday Things Book Parts of Everyday Things
Ages 3 - 7
Adult Illustrated Dictionary Book Learn Basic english Vocabulary
Grade 7 to Adult
Illustrated Dictionary Teacher Guide Book The Illustrated Dictionary
Teaching Guide for Teachers
The Book of Knowledge The Book of Knowledge
A Teacher Resource Book
Activity Book The Illustrated Dictionary
Activity Book Grade 2 - 4
Student Book of Knowledge Sketch Pad The Student Book of Knowledge
Sketch Pad Grade 2 - 5
Vocabulary centers Vocabulary Centers and Partner Learning
A Teacher Resource
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