The Illustrated Dictionary Activity Book 

“Everything Has a Name”

Vocabulary, Phonics & Spelling Patterns

This activity book was created to activate, practice and review the important vocabulary of everyday life. The pages can be used in literacy centers, independent work, partner learning, and/or for homework. Just print the pages you need. 

The pictures are presented in categories: body, clothes, things around the house, vehicles, animals and nature. It is also a way of practicing phonics and spelling rules. It has been scaffolded to allow self-correction through a word bank on each page. Allows students to enjoy personal success while learning not only vocabulary but spelling as well. This can be used as a supplement to The Illustrated Dictionary of Everyday Things.


Learning and reviewing the vocabulary of 30 “everyday” objects while also practicing phonics and spelling patterns 

Students use the letters in the sound bank  to fill in the missing letters in the labels. I took out such things as:

  • r- controlled vowels
  • digraphs
  • dipthongs
  • VCe patterns
  • blends


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This page last updated 05/19/2020