This One-of-a-kind Resource Teaches the American Words Everyone REALLY NEEDS to Know

Knowing these American words for everyday things will help English language learners:

•  have more confidence when speaking about everyday events in their lives.

•improve both reading and spelling.

•better understand what they are reading.

•help them teach their children the words for things in their everyday lives (so important for

a child's success in school).

Who would benefit from these?

These workbooks would be great for speakers of other languages who are coming to America or are already here and want to improve their vocabulary.

93 pages of practice for only $12.95

Written by Janet Caruthers, Ed.S. an educational specialist in reading.

We all know that it is easier to learn something new if it is repeated and practiced in different ways. So this workbook series provides four levels of practice for each featured object. Each level requires the learner to supply increasingly more information with less support.

Click on on desired the level to view how each level progresses.

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This page last updated 05/19/2020