The Illustrated Dictionary of Everyday Things is the anchor piece of the Illustrated Dictionary Project. It was written by a teacher who started a list of common, everyday words that her students (from grades 2 - 5) didn’t know, but should have. That list became this book. If students learn the labels in this book, they will have a storehouse of words to draw from when reading, writing, listening, and speaking. These are the words children need to know!

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Contains an Index for easy reference

It begins with a special letter to the student about the importance of their book and how to use it.

Contains 52 Tricky Questions and simple activities that will help the child learn from the book independently. The questions help build broad concepts and more…

Can also be used for bell work!

 $15.95 with FREE shipping. 

The anchor piece of the Illustrated Dictiopnary Project

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Also available in a digital download

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