Student Book of Knowledge Learning Log

The “Book of Knowledge” concept involves students building their own Book of Knowledge, filled with things learned throughout the year. It becomes evidence of a student’s learning all in a professionally bound book, instilling pride of ownership. It can include drawings with labels and other things the teacher would like to have students record such as specialized Tier III vocabulary words, semantic gradients, word analysis, etc. It has been student-tested and approved by students grade 2 - grade 5 in the United States and all the way to Ireland with wonderful results. See examples in the slideshow below.

I am very pleased with your books. I have been using them - especially the New Book of Knowledge every single day since the first of September with my pupils in school. I have kids from 8 years old to 12 year olds really benefiting from your books. The children themselves are so proud to be able to name all the parts of a bicycle or a horse. I have banned the use of the word "thing", and now, what were "things" on the 1st of Sept., are now "hinges" or "spokes" or "stems". I have recommended your books to a number of colleagues, and will have a few meetings in the new year - where I will definitely spread the word. So hopefully you will get more orders from Ireland!"

Marie Leavy - Connemara, County Galway, Ireland

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