Develop Vocabulary, General Knowledge, and PrepareYoung Children for Successful Reading

A how-to resource for developing reading readiness that takes the guess work out of preparing your young children for school and tests

Dear Janet,

The concept of helping children to know their world in more depth and providing them with enriched language to understand it, is at the heart of improved literacy experiences. Thank you for writing such a lovely book."

Dr. Pamela C. Phelps / Creative Center for Childhood Research and Training

The time to start preparing your child for success in school is NOW.By using the ideas, and following the suggestions in this book, you will be preparing your child to be a great reader.

Find out:

• how to get your child ready for some of his first tests.p.72

• why you should still teach nursery rhymes in these modern times.p.83 - 84

• how to “outsmart” your child if he is reluctant to read with you. p. 71

• what kinds of things your child really needs to know.p. 11 – 51, 63 - 67, 72

• how to increase your child’s chances of being a great student.p. 1 - 84

• the very best things to do when reading with your child. p. 69 – 73

• small bits of wisdom your child probably won’t learn unless you teach him. p. 75 – 81

• the Spanish word for each “everyday-thing” label. p. 85 - 91

Special Info: This book can be used with aphasia patients. Aphasia is a loss of communication skills

due to brain damage (many times from a stroke).

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What others are saying about this book

"Hi Ms. Caruthers - I received the book yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you for the quick shipping and to let you know that my husband and I are in love with the book already. We are raising our grandson (almost 3 yrs.) and feel we've been given a second chance to not only learn from missed opportunities with our own children, but to also teach himin a more effective, thoughtful way. Thank you for making that task a little easier!"

Ms. Haynes - Tampa, Florida

"The information and activities are realistic; you don't have to be a Super Mom to do them. It's not just a book for helping children, it is a family learning book that's fun. I loved the labels on the pictures. The way you have listed the books to get from the library is great; I can just go and pick out the right books. I don't have to spend a lot of time picking them out. Also, I never thought of the nursery rhymes in that way before. The book is straight forward and fun; well worth the money. The activities under each picture are good ideas that you wouldn't just normally think of to do with your child."

 Melissa Carroll

"The book is great! It arrived in perfect condition! I have already been going through the pictures with my 22 month old and she loves it. I feel that this is a great learning tool. I know that she is learning about the details of everyday things and this will not only strengthen her vocabulary, but it will also increase her understanding of the world around her. I love the special tips on each page, as well as the lists of recommended readings. This book will be in her library now and for years to come. Thank you!"

 Amanda Noyd

Cheryl Paul, a clinical instructor in speech / language pathology at the University of South Florida writes: "The book is of use with aphasia clients because many of them have an impaired ability to 'find' the words they want to say. I like the fact that you have large photographs of real things in the book. The photos are not too juvenile for use with adults... I also like the suggested uses under each picture. Some of them are certainly geared for children, but most can be adapted for use with language impaired adults. I also like the 'Wise Sayings' chapter in the back of the book. You know, the more I look at this book, the more ways I find to use it."

"I love both books. My daughter is not yet old enough for the Book of Knowledge, but Parts of Everyday Things is wonderful. She already has a good vocabulary for her age (3-1/2), but she is learning lots of new words and the context of the book helps her to remember them. Everyone I've shown it to has had positive feedback - nobody has ever seen anything similar." - Mary Cassanos

"The contents are clear and concise, an excellent learning tool."

 Carolyn Watson

"There is nothing else out there like it!"

Arthelene Rippy

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