Increase your students' reading and listening vocabulary by thousands of words
in 12 weeks, just minutes a day!  REALLY!

Everything You Need to Teach These 110 Interchangeable Word Parts

Teacher Edition, student pages, activities, assessments, review sets, and electronic flashcards
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"I downloaded this to work with my high school students who are in special education. I thought they would think it was a little boring, but they were excited because they could finally see how morphemes came together to create word meanings. They had fun tackling the bigger words and decoding their meaning. I love this book!"

         Christine Carey

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What is in this book?

• 10 sets of morphemes each containing three forms (Form A introduces the morphemes and activates the new knowledge. Form B is an activity that further activates the new knowledge and gives practice using it. Form C is a test.)

• 2 cumulative reviews to revisit the morphemes learned (one after Set #5 and the other after Set #10)

• Appendix A – Teacher Reference Guide – an alphabetical list of all the morphemes presented in this book, their meanings, and a sample word for each.

• Appendix B – Pre, Mid, and Posttest form

• Appendix C – 4-Square Activation form to be used to further activate the morphemes when extra activation and/or practice is needed

PLUS- Electronic Flashcards (e-Flashcards) that will provide students with the repetition and review they need to retain this new knowledge. (477 flashcards in 12 separate sets)

This is a simplified, common-sense approach to learning the most frequently seen and heard morphemes in (from my experience) their most frequently used forms. By learning the meanings of these word parts, and how they fit together, a reader can determine an approximate meaning of literally thousands of words. Many times, an approximation of a word meaning is all that we need to be able to understand what the author is saying.  It is a way for you to empower your students with the ability to “figure out” the approximate meanings of thousands of words. That ability will result in better understanding of what is heard and read, and should result in higher test scores throughout your student(s) lives. Now, that’s a powerful gift! So, if your goal is to empower your students, make them feel smart and give them the ability to become independent learners, this book and flashcards will absolutely, definitely help you meet that goal. 

If YOU learn these morphemes, it will revolutionize your teaching.  It will allow you to seize more of those wonderful teachable moments throughout your day. By teaching these morphemes to your students, you will forever change the way they think about words. You will give them the key to unlocking the meaning of words and help them become independent learners.

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