Everything You Need to Teach And Learn These 110 Interchangeable Word Parts and Increase Your Students' Reading and Listening Vocabulary By Thousands of Words... Really!

Teacher Edition, student pages, activities, assessments, review sets, and electronic flashcards  

This book is a systematic, common sense approach to teaching the most frequently seen and heard word parts (morphemes).

Grade  4  -  Adult

"I downloaded this to work with my high school students who are in special education. I thought they would think it was a little boring, but they were excited because they could finally see how morphemes came together to create word meanings. They had fun tackling the bigger words and decoding their meaning. I love this book!"

Christine Carey

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Why THIS book?  It is a systematic, common sense approach to teaching the most frequently seen and heard word parts (morphemes).  It is not an exhaustive study of Latin and Greek morphemes, it is a simplified study of the Greek and Latin morphemes presented in their most frequently seen forms.   By learning the meanings of these word parts, and how they fit together, a reader can determine an approximate meaning of literally thousands of words.  Many times, an approximation of a word meaning is all that we need to be able to understand what the author is saying. Includes practice activities and assessments in each chapter.

Why do teachers also need to know the most frequently seen morphemes?  If a teacher knows the word parts and meanings, their teaching will be greatly enhanced as they can recognize and seize countless “teachable moments” throughout the teaching day. It is surprising!

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Electronic Flashcards ONLY

Practice and repetition are very important when memorizing. These 477 electronic flashcards can be used as part of any word analysis study.  They were strategically created to be a systematic way of learning and practicing the most common morphemes.  They will help your students learn the morphemes and commit them to memory.

The electronic flashcards are actually 12 separate slide shows with each slide transitioning automatically.  An individual morpheme appears first, then after waiting several seconds to allow the students to say its meaning, the answer is shown.  You may either project the slide shows on a screen for whole class practice or download onto multiple computers for individual practice.  Each set introduces at least 8  morphemes and reviews previously learned morphemes, giving students spaced-review.  Begin with Set#1, then go to Set #2, etc.

They also are organized to reinforce the lessons in the book, Word Analysis: Unlocking the Meaning of Words. So, Set #1 flashcards go with Set #1 in the book, etc. There are also 2 review sets, one after Set #5 in the book and the other after Set #10.

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