Combining Practice in Vocabulary, Phonics& Spelling Patterns

A wonderful way to review and reinforce vocabulary, phonics, and spelling patterns (r-controlled vowels, digraphs, diphthongs, VCe patterns and blends). The Word Bank provides scaffolding for self-correction, insuring accuracy. This enables students to experience personal success while learning not only vocabulary but spelling as well.  The Sound Bank at the bottom of each page provides the phonics and spelling patterns needed to fill in the labels correctly.  I suggest letting students work on these in pairs as that promotes partner learning. You could also project them on the white board and use for whole class lessons. Materials: The student’s copy of The Illustrated Dictionary or Everyday Things and a pencil. To reinforce and extend the lesson, develop critical thinking and oral and written  language skills, you could have students create their own simple definition for the labels.  (Ex: “Bark is the outside covering of a tree.”)  You could also have students write a story using at least 5 labels.

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